What Does Your Pharmacist Want to Tell You?

Here's a list of ten items any pharmacist would like you to know about safe and responsible use of medications:

  1. Pharmacists are medication experts
  2. Make sure your pharmacist knows all the medications you're taking (including non-prescription and herbal supplements)
  3. Ask questions about written drug information provided with your medications
  4. Follow dosage instructions and read the auxiliary (extra) labels affixed to prescription bottles
  5. Keep your medications organized and in a safe place
  6. Keep your medicines locked away from children and at the right temperature (check the labels)
  7. Keep an updated medication list (including non-prescription and herbal supplements -- Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – Medicine Wallet Card)
  8. Know how to dispose of your medications when you're finished using them
  9. Develop a relationship with your local pharmacist
  10. Don't be afraid to ask for advice or ask questions if you don't understand