Managing Medications


Information and tools for becoming a better consumer of medications.

Reading the Drug Facts Label

Only half (51 percent) of Americans say they seek out the label for usage information when they plan ... Continue reading

Using Medications that are NOT Tablets or Capsules

Medicines can come in many different dosage forms besides tablets and capsules. But if you do not use ... Continue reading

Need Help Keeping Track of Your Medications and When to Take Them?

Your medicines cannot work if you do not take them regularly as prescribed. There are many apps available ... Continue reading

Do You Have a Tablet or Pill You Want to Identify?

Here are two free sites that can help you identify a medicine (prescription or nonprescription) based ... Continue reading

Food and Drug Interactions

The information below is taken from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Avoid Food-Drug Interactions. ... Continue reading

What About Medications for My Medical Condition?

You can search for common medications used to treat or reduce symptoms for specific medical conditions ... Continue reading

How Can I Learn About My Medications?

By asking your pharmacist or health care provider about your medications. What is this medicine (generic ... Continue reading

Are There More Specific Questions I Should Ask About My Medications?

When you have a prescription medication filled, or select an over-the-counter medication, here is a more ... Continue reading

What Does Your Pharmacist Want to Tell You?

Here's a list of ten items any pharmacist would like you to know about safe and responsible ... Continue reading