Avoiding Medication Misuse


Common concerns and advice toward proper use of medications.

Share Ideas, Not Medications

Not only is sharing prescription drugs illegal, taking medication or substances without discussing it ... Continue reading

Save a Life with The Good Samaritan Law

California's "Good Samaritan" Law gives limited protection from arrest and prosecution for low-level ... Continue reading

What's the Difference Between Misuse and Abuse?

It mostly has to do with the individual's intentions or motivations. For example, let's say that a person ... Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse is a National Epidemic

Among young adults aged 18 to 25, the rate of current nonmedical use of prescription-type drugs (psychotherapeutic ... Continue reading

Prescription Drugs are NOT a Safe Alternative to Illicit/Illegal Street Drugs

More people die from overdose of prescription painkillers than they do from heroin and cocaine. In ... Continue reading

Taking Prescription Medications Prescribed for Someone Else is Illegal

  Possessing a controlled substance without a prescription could lead to a prison sentence and/or ... Continue reading

MYTH: Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications are NOT Harmless

Too much Tylenol® at one time, for example, can cause liver damage especially if taken with alcohol. ... Continue reading

FACT: Doubling Up on the Dose can Lead to Serious and Harmful Side Effects

Many people miss one or more doses of their medication and think that doubling up on the dose is OK ... Continue reading

FACT: Medicines Taken Incorrectly can Cause Dangerous or Fatal Reactions

When you read the prescription label make sure it's right in five ways: The right medicine, the ... Continue reading

Does Alcohol Have Any Affect on My Medications?

Does it matter if I take my medicine with alcohol? Yes. Alcohol can affect the way your medications ... Continue reading